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            About Us

            About Us

            As the company continues to grow and develop, we invite the following talents to join our team:

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            Technical support

            1 college degree or above, major in mechanical or mechanical and electrical integration; 2 be responsible for the production of technical agreement, responsible for technical communication; good character, good health, hard working, strong sense of responsibility for the post. 4 familiar with the operation of CAD drawing software; PROE/UG will be preferred. 5 more than one year working experience. 6, English major is preferred four.


            Mechanical Engineer

            1. College degree or above, major in mechanical or electromechanical integration;

            2, more than three years work experience, skilled use of CAD, Pro/E software.

            3, English professional level four or above.

            4 good character, good health, hard working, strong sense of responsibility.


            Electrical Engineer

            1, college degree or above, major in electrical automation, more than three years related working experience;

            2, familiar with all kinds of low-voltage electrical components, familiar with the principles of PLC control and programming, familiar with the inverter and various types of sensors working principle and installation;

            3, skilled use of AuToCAD drawing software and office software, can draw electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, understanding of electrical control design principles;

            4, familiar with the use of process control instrumentation, with a solid theoretical basis for electronic circuits and automation control.

            5, skilled operation of the control system installation and on-site commissioning, product after-sales service;

            6, can be a variety of machining equipment electrical circuit maintenance and repair;

            7, familiar with the application of industrial electrical products, control theory, electrical automation product design experience is preferred.